How to respond to rental offers

Here are the steps for accepting or declining a rental offer.

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Each time you’re contacted to host policyholders, you’ll receive a link to the rental offer by email. You can also access the offer directly in your dashboard, in the 'My rental offers' section.

You always have the option to accept or decline the offer. But regardless of your choice, it’s better to respond.

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Accepting a rental offer

On the Sinistar platform, this is the same as submitting a quote. In other words, the price (including all taxes and fees) at which you propose to rent your accommodation.

Everything is done in an online form. To access it, follow the link provided by email and log in to your Sinistar account. Or, go to the 'My rental offers' section of your dashboard.

❗️ Important

You won't be able to add taxes or fees to your quote after it's submitted, so make sure that your price is all-inclusive.

💁‍♂️ Good to know

Submitting a quote does not guarantee that you’ll get the rental. If your accommodation is selected, you’ll be notified promptly by email. The booking is only confirmed once the policyholder has signed their rental agreement.

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Declining a rental offer

It’s quick and easy. Just click a button, then confirm your refusal, providing a reason. This allows us to better understand your needs and preferences.

When you decline an offer, you stop receiving emails related to that offer. It does not affect your standing in any way.

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