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If I submit a quote for a rental, can I later back out?
If I submit a quote for a rental, can I later back out?

Backing out after submitting a quote is risky. But here's what you should know if you decide to do so.

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After you've submitted a quote, you might choose to lease your place before you've heard back from the insurer. While this is permitted, there are some risks involved. Here's what you should know.

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If you're not sure whether your accommodation will be available for the full duration of the rental, it's safer to decline the rental offer. Doing so will not affect your standing in any way. Learn more

Timing is everything

You can back out of a rental offer at any point between:

  • the moment you submit your quote

  • the moment the booking is confirmed (i.e., when the policyholder signs their rental contract), if your accommodation is chosen

There aren't any negative consequences for backing out of a rental within the allotted time. But once the booking is confirmed, backing out will count as a cancellation. There are penalties for cancelling a rental, which you can learn about in this article.

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If your accommodation is selected for rental, you'll be informed by email automatically. You will receive a separate email (called 'rental summary') as soon as the booking is confirmed.

How to withdraw your quote

You must open the quote in your dashboard, through 'My quotes' or 'My rental offers'.

Once you've opened the quote, click the button 'Withdraw this quote' at the bottom of the page.

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After you've confirmed the withdrawal, the listing(s) included in your quote will no longer be considered for this rental.

If your quote has the status 'Selected'

You cannot withdraw a quote directly in your dashboard if it has the status 'Selected' (i.e., if one of the listings included in your quote has been chosen for rental).

If you must withdraw a selected quote, email us right away at [email protected]. Remember to specify the reference number of the rental offer.

❗️ Important

Messages sent outside of office hours might not be read in time. Sinistar is not responsible if this results in a rental cancellation.

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Note that if you follow these instructions, your quote will keep the status 'Selected' in your dashboard going forward. But rest assured that our agents will follow up with the policyholder and insurer to find them another accommodation.

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