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What happens if I need to cancel a rental?
What happens if I need to cancel a rental?

Hosts should never cancel on policyholders. But if you can no longer honour a rental, this is what you can expect.

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Cancelling a confirmed rental should be done only as an absolute last resort.

Policyholders count on hosts to honor their quotes once they submit them. Given the stressful situation they find themselves in, any last minute change of plans can cause them severe distress.

But if you absolutely must cancel a rental, here's what will happen.

Future opportunities

Cancelling a rental will significantly lower your chances of receiving rental offers in the future. Depending on the situation, you might stop receiving them entirely.

Additional steps

If your cancellation causes prejudice to the policyholder, Sinistar, the insurer and/or the claims adjuster, you will be liable to pay damages as compensation. Sinistar will take steps to collect these sums from you.

🔍 For example

If Sinistar must incur additional costs to relocate a policyholder to another accommodation, you will need to reimburse Sinistar for these costs.

How do I prevent having to cancel a rental?

If you decide to lease your accommodation to someone else after submitting a quote for a rental, you may withdraw your quote from the offer. This option will be available only for a short time, because as soon as the policyholder signs their rental contract, the booking is confirmed. Backing out then will count as cancelling the rental.

❗️ Important

Messages sent outside of office hours might not be read in time. Sinistar is not responsible if this results in a rental cancellation.

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