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What happens if I ignore a rental offer?
What happens if I ignore a rental offer?

Here's what you can expect.

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You can choose to ignore a rental offer rather than respond to it. However, this may affect your experience on the Sinistar platform. Here’s how.


In some cases, our agents may send reminders to hosts who have not responded to an offer. They typically only do this if they have only received a few responses.

If you don’t wish to receive reminders, we recommend that you respond promptly.

Notice of extension of an offer

The usual duration of a rental offer is 24 hours. However, this period can be extended if only a few hosts have responded within the allotted time. In this case, you may be notified by email.

If you don’t wish to receive these notifications, we recommend that you respond to each offer within 24 hours.

Decrease in the number of offers

In areas with a high number of accommodations, we favour hosts with a good track record. If you’re not very responsive, you may stop receiving offers, or receive fewer of them.

💡 Helpful tip

If you’re receiving offers for accommodations that are already rented, you should know that you can pause them. This prevents you from receiving offers for those addresses.

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