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Requesting a quote online
Requesting a quote online

Need help completing your online quote request? Read on for step-by-step instructions.

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1. In the footer, click 'Get a quote'.

This is how you access the online quote request form.

2. Specify who you are (policyholder or claims adjuster).

Select the “I’m a policyholder” option and click Next.

❗ Important

Note that Sinistar was designed for policyholders who have home insurance coverage. If the Red Cross is involved in your case, call us at 1-855-717-8878.

3. Indicate the number of guests.

In other words, the number of adults, children and infants your temporary accommodation must be able to house.

You can also specify how many bedrooms you'll need.

4. Indicate the dates of your relocation.

More specifically, your date of arrival in your temporary accommodation and your expected departure date.

Arrival date

You can choose a specific day or check the “As soon as possible” option.

Expected departure date

Note that you can extend your stay, if needed.

For more information:

5. Enter your contact information.

You will be asked:

  • your first name

  • your last name

  • your phone number

  • your e-mail address

We will use this information to contact you once we have received quotes from our hosts.

6. Enter your home address.

Don’t worry, your information is safe. We’ll use your address to target local hosts whose accommodation meets your criteria.

We never share your address with hosts.

7. Provide information about your insurance claim

Here’s what to provide:

  • Full name of your claims adjuster. This person will help you submit your claim to your insurer. You can usually find his or her name in an e-mail they sent you, in your insurance documents or by calling your insurer.

  • Name of your insurer. If your insurance company is not listed, select “Other.” Then enter the company name in the field provided.

  • Claim number. You can find this number in the documents your insurer sent you in connection with your claim. You can also request it directly from your claims adjuster by phone or e-mail.

If you don’t have all this information, go to the next step. A Sinistar agent will follow up with you.

💁‍♂️ Good to know

We'll need this information to coordinate your accommodation with your insurer if you decide to use our service. It will also be used to send documents to your insurer. For example, the rental agreement and invoices.

8. List other places of interest (optional)

You can enter the address of other relevant places, such as your workplace or your children’s school. If the local accommodation is not suitable, we will search near these places.

9. Tell us about your needs (optional)

For example:

  • Do you need baby furniture?

  • Do you need pet-friendly housing?

  • Do you need parking for your car?

  • Do you have other needs?

If you choose the last option, a blank field will pop up for you to provide more details.

For more information:

10. Confirm the information

A summary of your application appears on the screen. Make sure everything is correct, then click Confirm.

If you need to change any information, click Edit to make the necessary edits. Then click Confirm.

💡 Helpful tip

To change your special needs or places of interest, click the return button in the top left-hand corner instead.

11. Wait for an email from an agent

An agent will contact you shortly after to show you the best quote.

For more information:

Need help completing your request?

Write us at [email protected] or call 1-855-717-8878.

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