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How do I find accessible housing (reduced mobility)?
How do I find accessible housing (reduced mobility)?

We can provide you with accessible accommodation based on your needs.

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We want you to feel at home in your temporary accommodation. Do you have accessibility needs? Let us know. It will help us find you a comfortable and safe place to live.

What to do

Specify your needs when filling out your quote request:

  1. At the "Do you have any special needs?" step, select Other needs.

  2. A new field will appear—use it to specify your accessibility needs.

Your Sinistar agent will work with you to find a temporary home that meets your criteria.

Accessibility features

The more details you provide about your needs, the better we can satisfy you. If possible, specify the accessibility features you are looking for.

Here are some examples:

  • Ground-level entrance or entrance with access ramp

  • Wide entrance (minimum 32 in. or 81 cm)

  • Reserved parking for people with disabilities

  • Grab bars in the shower and near the toilet

  • Walk-in shower

  • Shower seat

  • Lifts

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