Can I extend my stay?

Here's what you need to know about rental extensions.

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Is construction and renovation work taking longer than expected at your home? No problem. You can always push your departure date back, and as many times as necessary.

How extensions work

When your departure date is approaching, your claims adjuster will be asked by e-mail if you need to extend your stay. If so, he or she will simply indicate your new departure date.

What if I want to put in an extension request myself?

No problem! Simply contact your Sinistar agent to let him or her know what your new departure date will be.

❗ Important

Always check with your claims adjuster before requesting an extension.

Can I keep the same accommodation?

When we receive an extension request, we will do our best to avoid you having to move. However, your current accommodation might not be available for the requested dates. In this case, we will suggest another.

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