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Can I request a quote if I don’t know my relocation dates?
Can I request a quote if I don’t know my relocation dates?

Find out how to choose your arrival and departure date.

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You may want to find a temporary accommodation before you know the dates of the renovation work on your home.

That said, Sinistar hosts need your arrival and departure dates to bid on your rental offer. Otherwise, it’s impossible to check if their accommodation will be available when you need it.

Choosing an arrival date

Talk to your claims adjuster, the person who handles your claim with your insurer. Together you can agree on a relocation start date.

As a last resort, wait until you know more. Then, come back and fill out your quote request once you can confirm your arrival date.

Choosing a departure date

We understand that the duration of the renovations is often difficult to predict. This is why the departure date you indicate in your application is always an estimate. You will have the option of extending your stay if you see that the completion of the work at your home is delayed.

💡 Helpful tip

Be conservative when estimating your departure date. You can always push it back, but you cannot bump it up. The host will need to be paid for all nights included in the rental agreement.

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