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I have submitted a quote for a rental. When will I hear back?
I have submitted a quote for a rental. When will I hear back?

There is no universal answer, but here's what you can generally expect.

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Generally, the insurer makes a decision 1 to 2 business days after the rental offer ends. But it can take longer if the insurer is unable to confirm the rental right away.

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Decision delays can happen for a number of reasons. For example, the person responsible for managing the claim with the insurer might be away for a few days. Unfortunately, these situations are out of our control.

While you wait, try to keep your accommodation reserved. We understand that you might be unable to do so for more than a few days. In this case, rest assured - you won't be penalized if you lease your place to someone else, as long as you withdraw your quote before the booking is confirmed.

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How will I be informed of the decision?

Once your quote is submitted, keep an eye on your inbox. You will receive a response by email. You can also view your quote's status in the 'My quotes' section of your dashboard.

❗️ Important

Please note that hosts are not to contact an insurer directly about a rental offer, or for any other reason (see article 5 of our Terms and Conditions). If you have questions, please write us at [email protected].

Will I hear back even if my accommodation is not chosen?

Yes. You will receive a response no matter what.

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