Understanding your quote's status

Here's an overview of what each status means.

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After you've submitted a quote, you can view it (as well as its status) in the 'My quotes' section of your dashboard.

There are 6 possible statuses for quotes.

1. Submitted

This is the default status which appears on your quote as soon as it's submitted.

2. In review

This status indicates that your quote is one of the few that passed the first round of assessment and are being considered by the insurer. Quotes with this status have a higher chance of being selected.

💁‍♂️ Good to know

Note that you won't receive an email notification if your quote's status changes for 'In review.' You can check the status of your quote in your dashboard, section 'My quotes.'

3. Selected

This status is reserved for the quote selected for rental in a bid. If your quote is selected, you'll receive an email with information about next steps.

4. Not selected

This status lets you know that, unfortunately, your quote has not been selected for rental this time. But don't get discouraged: there will be other opportunities!

5. Archived

This status is reserved for quotes that were submitted for a rental offer that was later interrupted.

Since the details of an interrupted rental offer often change when it's reactivated (dates, needs, etc.), a new quote must be submitted upon reactivation. This is to ensure that your price reflects the most up-to-date information.

6. Withdrawn

This status indicates that you have withdrawn the quote. As a result, the listings included in this quote are no longer being considered for the rental.

❗️ Important

Note that if you withdrew a quote with the status 'Selected' by emailing our team, your quote will keep this status going forward. But rest assured that our agents will follow up with the policyholder and insurer to find them another accommodation.

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