Can guests cancel their reservation?

Cancellations are rare, but they can happen. Here's what you should know.

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It is very rare for guests to cancel their reservation during their stay. However, they have the right to do so if they are not satisfied… Even if they have already spent several days in your accommodation.

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Cancellation process

To cancel their reservation, the guest must make a request to Sinistar. Above all, they must provide a valid reason.

Sinistar determines whether the cancellation request is justified. We use available evidence (e.g., photos, videos) to establish the facts and make a decision. Then we let you know quickly.

Valid reasons

We know that cancellations can take a toll on hosts, so we accept them only if the situation justifies it. For example, if the accommodation:

  • does not match the photos or description provided

  • is not sufficiently furnished or equipped

  • is dirty, in very poor condition or unsanitary

In case of cancellation

There is no penalty to Sinistar or the guest.

The rental ends on the last day the guest stayed in the accommodation. Of course, you are paid for all the nights the guest spent at your accommodation.

For more details, see our Terms and Conditions, section 6.2.

What you can do to prevent it

You can reduce the risk of cancellation by following these tips:

  • Clean your accommodation thoroughly before each rental. Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom. For more details, read the article on cleanliness.

  • Make sure your listing photos are accurate. They should give a good idea of the space and what is there.

  • Provide all basic items. Whether it’s for cooking, personal hygiene, cleaning or washing. For more information, see How to prepare your accommodation for a rental.

  • Be welcoming and available to guests, while respecting their space and privacy.

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