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How to prepare your accommodation for rental
How to prepare your accommodation for rental

Here are a few tips to make your accommodation inviting.

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Before your guests arrive, make sure your accommodation is:

Clean and uncluttered

Make surfaces shine and declutter the space. Create a neutral atmosphere by removing all your personal belongings, including personalized decorations (e.g., family photos, children’s drawings). Make sure your guests have enough space to store their belongings.

Lastly, remember to put your fragile or valuable objects in a safe place. For example, in a locked room or in storage.

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Adequately furnished and equipped

Provide everything necessary for people to be able to use the accommodation from day 1 and only needing to bring their personal effects.

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Make sure alarms (e.g., fire, carbon monoxide) are working. If your accommodation has a security system, check that it works as expected.

💁‍♂️ Good to know

Policyholders may have been relocated due to a fire or another dangerous event, so it's essential that they feel safe in their temporary home. Otherwise, they might ask to be moved to another accommodation.

Tips from the pros

Do you want to offer a truly exceptional experience to your guests? Here are some tips from senior hosts.

1. Decorate simply

Everyone has their own taste. To appeal to most people, choose neutral colours and a minimalist décor. Avoid overloading spaces with too much artwork and decorations.

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If you want to decorate, highlight objects that are pretty in addition to being useful. For example: books, magazines or cushions.

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2. Forget about live plants

Not all tenants have a green thumb! In the past, hosts have lost plants because guests forgot to water them... If you have real plants in your temporary accommodation, it would be best to put them elsewhere.

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If you want to decorate with greenery, why not use artificial plants? These days, some are so realistic that you can barely tell the difference.

3. Leave written instructions

Each home is unique—just like every device in it. This why it’s often difficult to feel at ease in a new environment. To make things easier for your guests, why not leave written instructions?

For example, you can explain how the television, espresso machine or central vacuum works. In addition to making the guests more independent, it saves them the embarrassment of having to contact you in the event of a problem.

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