Do I have to insure my accommodation?

Here's what we require.

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To host policyholders with Sinistar, you must take out a civil liability insurance policy of at least $2 million. Usually, this coverage is included in your home insurance policy.

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Home insurance protects you against breakage or damage, theft and disaster-related losses. In general, it also includes civil liability insurance, which protects you if someone gets hurt in your home and claims damages.

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Before taking out insurance

Make sure that you:

  • Thoroughly read and understand all clauses in the contract. Your general insurance agent or broker must explain them to you.

  • Inform your insurer that you are renting your accommodation on a temporary basis. This could impact insurance costs, as well as the coverage offered.

  • Check if the contract covers actions (and inaction) by the people staying in your lodging.

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