How to welcome guests

Usually, you only deal with the guests when you initially greet them. Here are some tips for making a good impression.

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General tips

Give clear entry instructions

In your entry instructions, explain how to access the accommodation. Be clear and accurate so as to avoid any misunderstandings.

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Have a Plan B

The unexpected can happen to anyone. By having a Plan B, you avoid your guests having the bad luck of being stuck outside.

If you are greeting them in person, think about choosing an emergency contact, who could be there should any problems arise. If the guests are entering your place by themselves, plan to have an alternative for unlocking the door.

Leave written instructions

It can be difficult to feel at ease in a new environment. To make the lives of your guests easier, why not leave general written instructions for your accommodation? Include instructions for your appliances and devices and specify how to contact you if any problems arise.

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Welcoming in person

Build trust

Be on time and courteous with guests. Make sure they feel at ease and safe in your accommodation.

💁‍♂️ Good to know

Policyholders who must relocate have suffered heavy losses. Often, they are still in shock when they arrive at their temporary accommodation. Being empathetic can help create trust.

Give a tour

You can give them a short tour of the accommodation to show where the following are:

  • Spare sheets

  • Household products

  • Fire extinguisher

  • Waste, recycling and compost bins

Don’t stay too long though. Displaced policyholders are often worn out and need calm to recover.

For a contactless welcome

Use a smart lock or keybox

These items let guests enter the accommodation on their own. In both cases, people simply key in a 4- or 6-number code. The smart lock unlocks automatically, and the box opens, providing access to keys.

Leave a welcome note

Handwrite a note in their name to add a personal touch. This will definitely be appreciated!

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