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What are the most important criteria for policyholders when selecting a quote?
What are the most important criteria for policyholders when selecting a quote?

Find out what policyholders look for in a temporary home.

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If you bid on insurance housing contracts with Sinistar, you may be wondering what makes an accommodation stand out to policyholders. Here's an overview of the most common deciding factors when it comes to choosing a temporary home.

1. Comfort and cleanliness

Having to leave one's home for a period of time is a hardship for most people. So relocating to a comfortable, clean accommodation is of the utmost importance. Even if that means paying a bit more.

At Sinistar, we make sure to offer quality accommodations to our customers. This means that when our agents sort through the submitted quotes, they also consider the general feel of each housing option:

  • Is the place well-lit and does it seem clean?

  • Are the photos high-quality and are they doing justice to the space?

  • Has the decor been updated recently?

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2. Proximity to the policyholder's home

For the vast majority of policyholders, finding an accommodation close to their home is a priority. Not only does it allow them to stay in their familiar environment, it's also a more convenient option.

During a relocation, it's common for policyholders to stop by their home on a regular basis. Why? To check on the construction or renovation work that is being done, and to make sure that everything is to their liking. If their temporary housing is too far away, it can become an inconvenience to travel back and forth between the locations.

This is why proximity to the policyholder's home usually comes only second to quality when evaluating the submitted quotes.

3. Price

Of course, price matters when choosing a temporary home. But you might be surprised to learn that it's not usually the #1 criterion for policyholders. Remember: their insurance covers the relocation costs. So as long as the price is reasonable and does not go over their covered amount, other criteria are more likely to tip the scale.

This is why the lowest quote doesn't systematically win the bid, and why we don't always show the policyholder the cheapest option. But when choosing between 2 equivalent accommodations, price is usually the deciding factor.

💡 Useful tip

Quoting the lowest price you're comfortable with is certainly a great way to win more bids. But improving your place and making it look its best can also go a long way. Don't underestimate the power of a first impression!

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