Understanding reviews
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After each rental, policyholders are invited to give their opinion on their stay. Each review is based on a five-star rating, and can include a comment.

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At this time, only Sinistar employees can view reviews. But in the future, they will be displayed on your listings.

What are reviews for?

Reviews are used to assess and control the quality of accommodations on the platform. But also, to compare them with each other. The more positive reviews you receive, the more likely you are to get new rentals.

What if I don't have any reviews?

Listings with positive reviews improve the host's chances of getting a rental. However, they're just one useful datapoint when selecting the best quote for a rental. Even if you don't have any reviews, you could still host policyholders with Sinistar.

This is especially true if we've had a positive experience working with you in the past, or if your accommodation ticks all the policyholder's boxes.

Imported listings

If your listings were imported from Airbnb, their overall rating counts as one Sinistar review. This is to help our agents assess the quality of accommodations with which they don't have previous experience, without giving Airbnb hosts too much of an advantage.

Our agents can clearly see which ratings came from Airbnb and which ones were submitted through our platform.

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