Understanding service fees

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about service fees.

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What are they for?

Sinistar deducts a service fee from your rental amount to cover the operating costs of the platform. This fee is equal to a percentage of the amount of your quote.

When do I pay the service fee?

The service fee only applies to the rentals you actually get, so creating a listing and responding to offers is completely free.

The service fee is deducted from the payments you receive from Sinistar, if you receive any.

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How much is it?

Right now, service fees are variable, so they may change from one rental to another. Sales tax may also be added depending on the regulations in force. However, the total amount is always clearly indicated on the quote form.

When you enter a price per night in the form, you are shown a real-time calculation of the service fee and the applicable taxes, as well as your income. So you always know how much you will earn if you get the rental.

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