Understanding listings

Here's what you can find in Sinistar listings.

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Listing contents

Each listing includes the following information:

  • Housing name and location

  • Type of accommodation (see below)

  • Number of rooms, beds and bathrooms

  • Host information (see below)

  • Distance from your home

  • Description of the accommodation

  • Where you’ll sleep (see below)

  • Amenities


The availability of accommodations does not appear in the listings. Once you have requested a quote, it’s the hosts who send their offers. Then, a Sinistar agent filters them and presents you with the best one for your situation.

Types of accommodation

Our hosts offer a variety of complete accommodations. You are sure to find something to suit your needs!

Here are the types of accommodation available on our platform.


These single or multi-story detached units provide complete privacy. You will have a separate entrance, a yard and, in many cases, a private parking space.

Condos and apartments

Located in multi-unit buildings, these units are perfect for those who enjoy urban living. Some have a common entrance and others have a separate entrance.


Why choose between living in a house and living in an urban environment? With townhouses (also known as row houses), there's no need to compromise. You get an entire house while maintaining the benefits of urban density.


If you like open spaces, you'll love living in a loft. The bedroom is part of the open layout, which gives a sense of space. Lofts are perfect for singles and couples.


If you like the community life of neighborhoods, but also like your privacy, a semi-detached may be just what you need. By sharing a common wall with the house next door, you can enjoy having neighbors nearby without sacrificing your space.


These peaceful havens let you experience nature up close, and are perfect for relaxing and recharging.


On each listing, you can see the name and profile picture of the owner of the accommodation in the "Host" section.

Where you’ll sleep

This section shows you the type of bed found in each room:

  • single/twin

  • double

  • queen

  • king

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